Grand Theft Auto Connected

Frequenty Asked Questions

Is this a multiplayer mod?

Yes, although Grand Theft Auto Connected supports offline loading of resources for modding the game through Lua.

I'm not porting my server to Lua, add Squirrel please!

We currently have no intention of adding support for Squirrel.

You should open source the client, that way progress will actually happen...

We currently have no intention of open sourcing this project.

Other programs have dropped support for Windows XP, does this mean you will too?

We currently have no intention of dropping support for Windows XP.

Will supporting Windows XP impact the security or features of Grand Theft Auto Connected?


Can I use SilentPatch with Grand Theft Auto Connected?

Partially, SilentPatch currently works with Grand Theft Auto Connected using Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City but not Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

What games/versions are supported?

Grand Theft Auto Connected currently supports:

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Additional verions may be supported in the future.

Where is the server browser?

It is currently in development.

I would like to see something added to Grand Theft Auto Connected.

You can use our bug tracker to request features. We would like to add a roadmap to our website in the future.

Are you associated with Donut Team?

Lucas Cardellini, a programmer of Grand Theft Auto Connected, is one of the Excutive Staff Members at Donut Team; however, this project is not related to Donut Team.

What operating systems does Grand Theft Auto Connected support?

Grand Theft Auto Connected has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 but may also work on other versions of Windows and on other systems through the use of Wine.

I use Wine and I see blank messages, what is going on?

This is an issue in Wine, please send a bug report to them. Usually the only message that would appear that is blank is the message that indicates the client is currently the latest version if you check for updates.

What commands are supported in the chatbox?


Reloads the game.

/setname <name>

Sets your name for multiplayer.

/connect <host>:<port> <password>

Connects using the given host, port and password. The port and password are optional arguments.


Reconnects to the currently connected server.


Disconnects from the connected server.

/exit or /quit

Closes the game. You can also close the game using ALT+F4.


Toggles the debug console.

Other commands must be registered using Lua.